Me heart feels savage pangs

from love’s wicked fangs

I think oft of the soft

song that she sang

That song she sang…

A lone pebble slip-slides

beneath the cold tides.

It’s movement is a hint

where love’s truth hides.

There love’s truth hides…

Now this… This is a sea shanty.

(Source: cuteloveanime)


Classic Kapp’n

…I’m just sayin’.

You ever meet that type of person who smells like vegetables and dead fish

Yarr, that just be me new cologne! Cucumbers be the sweetest smellin’ of all the vegetables. The dead fish just sorta comes with the territory. Don’t lie ta me, I know ye appreciates it.

Oh! Dainty girls with
Yer curves an’ cute curls
Yar I bet my songs set
Yer heart’s awhirl!

Yarr! I spy a very handsome portrait of one dashing bus driver. She captured me good side, methinks.

Story of my life

I made it fit the limit,
aw yeah


i think it’s funny that kapp’n still hits on me even though i have a mustache

The sweet pangs of love don’t discriminate, and neither do I, me sea bunny.